What Are the Stages of Alcohol Abuse?

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Man with a beanie giving into the effects of alcohol and drinking

What Are the Stages of Alcohol Abuse?

Alcohol, universally consumed, often blurs the line between casual sips and a spiraling…

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Person standing on a rock during sunset after leaving Lantana detox

What To Expect After Leaving Lantana Detox

Stepping out into the world after going through a detox process is akin…

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A close-up of a woman holding a pill in her teeth, illustrating the urgency of minimizing the negative consequences of drug use.

Harm Reduction Strategies: Minimizing the Negative Consequences of Drug Use

Drug use, a prevalent societal issue, poses many dangers and potential harms to…

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person wondering about How Does Alcohol Affect Sleep

How Does Alcohol Affect Sleep?

Many people believe that consuming alcohol before going to bed will sedate them,…

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Roasted turkey on a Thanksgiving table

Ultimate Guide to Cooking Thanksgiving Dinner Stress Free

Thanksgiving is a time for family and friends to come together, enjoy, and…

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Photo of a woman meditating at the Grand Canyon as a featured image for post about stress relievers to do before you start your day sober

Stress Relievers To Do Before You Start Your Day Sober

A lot of people wrongfully believe that after successfully completing detox and going…

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Person Standing on Hand Rails With Arms Wide Open Facing the Mountains and Clouds

10 Life Skills You Learn After Recovery in FL

Many people make the mistake of thinking that recovery ends after rehab. The…

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archstone alumni cheer on the miami marlins

Archstone Alumni Cheer on the Marlins

25 Archstone alums and five members of our staff met at LoanDepot Park…

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Archstone Alumni Gives Back

Mayor Robert Haggarty, councilmember Karen Lythgoe, and Archstone alumni came together on Saturday,…

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