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Emotional struggles are part of life; everyone experiences loss, anger, disappointment, and sadness at certain points, but mental health issues form a prison that doesn’t fade away in time. Depression causes changes in appetite, self-esteem, sleep, relationships, and pain management; it affects the mind and the body in ways that are sometimes misunderstood. Some people react to mental illness by lashing out at people close to them, while others hide their anguish. Seeking mental health treatment for psychological concerns can help people repair relationships with people they love.

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Seeking behavioral health treatment will help people repair their relationships with people they love.

Mental Health and Addiction

People with untreated mental health issues may experience intense feelings of inadequacy, guilt, and loneliness. Low self-esteem, social anxiety, and disorganized thinking can make it hard for people to connect with others. People with depression may even experience suicidal ideations. Some doctor-prescribed medications appear to treat the symptoms of mental health issues by masking the symptoms. Unfortunately, many of these doctor-prescribed medications have dangerous side effects.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Drugs and alcohol may temporarily alleviate certain symptoms, but they alter brain chemistry when used in large doses over extended periods. The side effects of addictive drugs can destroy a person’s life while keeping the person too numb to notice. When a person struggles with a mental health condition alongside chemical dependency, this is known as a dual diagnosis. Archstone offers many treatment options for dual diagnosis patients:

Getting treatment for a dual diagnosis may seem inconvenient, but it can offer people a chance at life. Finding the right dual diagnosis program is often the first step toward living a happy, meaningful life for many people.

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Inpatient Dual Diagnosis Treatment at Archstone

The dual diagnosis treatment at Archstone Behavioral Health can simultaneously help patients work through co-occurring addiction and mental health concerns. Our staff collaborates with a patient’s primary care physician and psychiatrist–when available–to determine the best course of action for treating mental health and addiction issues simultaneously. We specialize in treating the following mental health concerns:

  • Depression and addiction
  • Conduct disorder and addiction
  • Anxiety and addiction
  • Bipolar disorder and addiction
  • Schizophrenia and addiction
  • Trauma and addiction
  • Schizotypal disorder and addiction

Every aspect of Archstone’s assessment, diagnostic, and treatment program is conducted in our resort-style treatment center. Our dual diagnosis patients are given private rooms and a full medical detox program when necessary.

Dual Diagnosis: Drug Addiction and Mental Health Concerns

Patients often assume that any medication prescribed by a doctor must be safe, but patients are not always aware of side effects and potential interactions with other drugs. If people have never been addicted to anything in the past, they may not think twice about occasionally taking a slightly higher dose than their doctor recommended. Unfortunately, when the brain gets used to higher and higher doses, it becomes harder and harder for a person to deal with everyday life struggles without turning to drugs.

Archstone is a Dual Diagnosis Treatment Center

Individuals without access to appropriate psychological services may turn to drugs or alcohol to relieve symptoms of depression and other mental health conditions. Self-medication can be dangerous because it is unmonitored by a physician. When a person becomes reliant on a hazardous chemical to feel “normal,” they stop developing coping strategies and problem-solving techniques.

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Coping with depression causes immense suffering for our patients and their families. The sooner you begin dual diagnosis treatment, the sooner you can start healing. Without treatment, symptoms can progress until they are unmanageable and dangerous. A Florida dual diagnosis and addiction treatment program can help set you free. Take the first step toward a happier, more connected life by contacting Archstone Behavioral Health at.

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