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At Archstone Behavioral Health, we understand that treatment is only the beginning. When you see our newly renovated hotel-style campus, you’ll wonder how people ever want to leave. Our treatment staff forms close bonds with our patients; this is one of the many benefits of having such a small staff. We work with each Archstone patient to provide them with a personalized discharge plan. This plan will include information for on-going relapse prevention, connections to aftercare resources, private therapy options, support groups, sober living, and other events and activities to keep people active, connected, and cherished and our sober community. Our aftercare options include the following:

  • Weekly on-campus alumni meetings
  • Beach cleanups and other alumni events
  • Reunions and celebrations
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Rely on our aftercare resources for long term sobriety.

A Good Alumni Program Supports Lasting Recovery

The health consequences alone cannot discourage a chemically dependent person from using drugs or alcohol. The desire to stop using drugs or alcohol is not enough. At Archstone Behavioral Health, we realize that people often understand the consequences of their addiction, but they do not have a practical schema in place to help them abstain from use. Our alcoholism, addiction, and mental health treatment center provides people with the tools, strategies, practical coping skills, and sober network that have been helping people get sober for almost 20 years. Our alumni network introduces people to a supportive, active community of sober Lantana residents to help participants feel connected and supported after they have completed treatment.

What Makes Archstone Different?

We’ve been in continuous operation since 2001. This makes us one of the oldest treatment providers in the State of Florida. Our alumni community is incredibly strong, a testament to the nearly two decades of care we have provided for our patients here at Archstone. Our alumni network reaches far and wide.

Every Day is a Second Chance

Tell us your story, and we will do our best to provide efficient, tailor-made treatment for you and your loved ones.

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Types of Addiction

Stimulants and depressants are the two of the main types of addictive substances we often see at Archstone Behavioral Health. Stimulants create energizing effects, while depressants slow down your central nervous system, heartbeat, and breathing. Both types of drugs cause impaired judgment and poor decision-making and may lead to injury or physical dependence. Mixing multiple substances can drastically increase the risk of experiencing an adverse reaction or an overdose.

The most commonly abused substances that often lead to addiction and physical dependency include:

  • Alcohol (including liquor, beer, and wine)
  • Opiates (including fentanyl, heroin, Vicodin, and OxyContin)
  • Benzodiazepines (including Xanax and Klonopin)
  • Stimulants (including amphetamines, cocaine, and methamphetamine)

Drugs and alcohol disrupt the brain’s ability to make conscious and logical decisions. This may cause people to engage in risky and dangerous behaviors that they otherwise would not be involved in. As your tolerance builds, your dependence on certain medications will continue to absorb more and more of your resources and cause turmoil for your family, colleagues, and friends. It can lead to financial woe and crushing debt. Addiction causes turmoil within families and peer groups, which leads to isolation, loneliness, and destitution.

Mental Health and Addiction Are Intertwined; An Alumni Program Can Help Post-Treatment

Having a chemical dependency can also prevent a person from earning money in safe, legal ways, but having money cannot solve addiction unless you receive the right treatment. Financial hardships, worsening mental health problems, and addiction are entangled–and the results can be catastrophic for everyone involved, even people on the periphery.

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Hold onto Your Sobriety By Getting Involved With an Alumni Network

Archstone Behavioral Health treatment doesn’t end when you finish your stay. The relationships you discover will help you follow through with your goals and put your recovery first. Contact Archstone Behavioral Health today to get information about our alumni events and meetings.

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