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The health, social, financial, and occupational consequences are not enough to stop a person with a substance use disorder to stop using drugs and alcohol. The desire to quit is not strong enough. Addiction is too complicated for patients to treat on their own; Archstone’s psychotherapy program can help people become stable and move on with their lives.


psychotherapyPsychotherapy and Addiction

People do not choose to become profoundly addicted to something that is killing them. People who find themselves addicted to mind-altering substances–both legal and illegal–often understand the consequences of their addiction. Still, they do not see a practical way to abstain from use. Archstone Behavioral Health provides people with the tools, strategies, and coping mechanisms to get sober and manage their addictions. In addition to our individual counseling sessions, we also introduce people to a supportive, active community of sober Lantana residents to keep people connected and supported.


Addiction Treatment at Archstone

Overcoming addiction is a daunting task for any person. We offer both group and individual therapy sessions for our patients. Challenges related to addiction become increasingly complex, especially if you also struggle with co-occurring psychological or psychiatric conditions. Our full-time psychiatrists and clinical psychologists on staff allow Archstone Behavioral Health to diagnose, assess, stabilize, and provide treatment and provide the following treatment programs:


Treating Depression

The number of Americans suffering from depression is staggering; it is one of the most common (and severe) mental health problems facing Florida residents today. Clinical depression is a condition causing prolonged feelings of sadness that prevent a person from functioning normally.


What is a Dual Diagnosis Program?

A dual diagnosis program provides treatment for mental health and addiction issues. Archstone Behavioral Health is a dual diagnosis capable addiction treatment program based on ASAM (American Society of Addiction Medicine) patient placement criteria. Dual diagnosis programs can meet an individual’s needs by helping to stabilize mental health disorders and helping patients function independently. Our goal is to help stabilize our patients’ mental health disorders to prevent these disorders from interfering with addiction treatment.


Archstone Behavioral Health’s Psychological and Psychiatric Care Includes:

  • A model of integrated treatment (including a multi-disciplinary team approach for the treatment of your mental health needs)
  • Specialized therapy offering individual and small-group counseling to treat co-occurring disorders including trauma, anxiety, depression, grief, anger, stress, and chronic pain
  • Evaluation and monitoring of co-occurring mental health disorders

One of the early parts of addiction treatment involves exploring the patient’s past and how their experiences, trauma, and life circumstances led to chemical dependence. Individual counseling programs can help with this. We use cognitive behavioral therapy to pinpoint the source and type of thoughts that lead to addictive behaviors.


Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) is a widely recognized evidence-based treatment style that examines how negative and positive behaviors are learned and reinforced over time. To change behaviors, a participant must work to modify the thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that contribute to substance use. One example of a thought that may encourage a person to use illicit substances is, “I’m a terrible person; I deserve everything bad that happens to me.” At Archstone, we help modify these damaging thoughts and beliefs. Through this process, the patient works to change their thinking in order to transform their emotional responses, self-image, and behavior.


Join the Archstone Family

Our committed Archstone team will provide patients with the tools they need in order to reclaim parts of their lives they thought were lost. Attending treatment for addiction takes time and commitment, but the rewards are astounding. When you are ready to try something that actually works, give us a call. Contact our team at 561.631.9478 to get started.