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The extended use of certain psychoactive chemicals fundamentally changes the brain chemistry of an addicted person. The longer a person uses drugs or alcohol as their go-to coping strategy, the harder it becomes to implement any other coping strategy. Contact Archstone Behavioral Health today to learn how tenets of the 12-Step and Kosher Recovery programs can help you or your loved one find a new lease on life. There is no reason to suffer alone.

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We offer all the support you need for fighting the addiction.

Sobriety Starts at Archstone

If you have developed a chemical dependency on a psychoactive substance that is causing harm to your psyche, health, dreams, relationships, family, and future, the residential addiction treatment program at Archstone Behavioral Health can help you take your life back. Research illustrates that providing access to stable housing, a positive support network, and transitional assistance increases success rates for patients completing addiction treatment. Give us a call at 561.631.9478 to learn more about our remarkable mission, staff, facilities, and treatment options.

Are You Taking the Right Combination of Medications?

If you don’t have the life you want and you think that your doctor-prescribed medication might be one of the reasons, entering Archstone’s medical detox facility will allow our small team of doctors to safely, slowly wean you off certain medications in order to determine which medications are helping your current conditions and which ones may be causing more harm than good. Many people have trouble managing their medications, which can potentially lead to addiction and other health problems. We offer the following programs to help people with substance use disorder:

Every Day is a Second Chance

Tell us your story, and we will do our best to provide efficient, tailor-made treatment for you and your loved ones.

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Why Do I Need a Treatment Center?

Primary care physicians only treat patients during the day, so they may not be able to see the symptoms you experience during the night. A residential program can help our clinicians see exactly what symptoms you are experiencing, no matter what time of day or night they occur. In our partial hospitalization program, clinicians can monitor your vital signs around the clock to help you get stable. Making small adjustments to certain medications can have remarkable effects on people’s health, thinking, emotions, and behavior.

In an ideal world, every doctor would know how every medication interacts with every other medication. But the more medications a person takes, the more complicated the interactions become. Combinations of certain drugs cause different side-effects for different people, but a few indications that your medications might need to be adjusted include the following:

  • Parasomnia
  • Difficulty balancing
  • Unexplained personality changes
  • Preoccupation with medication
  • Extreme anxiety surrounding medications
  • Back and hip pain
  • Inability to complete tasks
  • Extreme social withdrawal

At Archstone, we absolutely understand how vital psychiatric medications are to people with mental health conditions. Developing chemical dependency doesn’t change that. Finding a doctor who understands the complex interactions between medications can feel like a miracle. Seeking assistance for chemical dependency can literally save your life.

Can I Stop Taking My Medication?

Different chemicals cause different withdrawal symptoms. Withdrawing from certain substances without medical supervision can put you at risk of severe health complications. Medication-assisted treatment can alleviate certain risks associated with opioid and alcohol withdrawal. If a person you love tells you they can’t stop drinking or using drugs, they are telling the truth. Abruptly removing alcohol from a person with severe alcoholism can cause delirium tremens in rare circumstances, while benzodiazepine withdrawal without a medically-assisted detox can cause life-threatening seizures.

Drug and alcohol addiction causes a slew of health, relationship, and financial problems. When a family member becomes dependent on a psychoactive substance to feel normal, the side effects can be devastating. Thousands of people die from overdoses in Florida each year. Archstone is more than a Florida drug rehab; we help people start their lives again. If you are struggling with substance use disorder, contact Archstone Behavioral Health by calling.

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