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Archstone’s partial hospitalization program (PHP) is a residential treatment option for people who have finished detoxing but require medical supervision. Our partial hospitalization program offers medical detox services on an inpatient basis. Our PHP allows patients to practice safe life skills while still receiving support from the Archstone community. If you believe someone you love will benefit from a residential partial hospitalization program, please contact Archstone.

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Substance Addiction

All psychoactive substances carry some risk of addiction, but they affect different people in different ways. Since addiction can lead to physical and psychological dependence, seeking an additional treatment level can save your life. We now know that many prescription medications taken in exact accordance with your doctor’s recommendations can result in physical dependency over time. When you struggle with an addiction, a partial hospitalization program in Lantana, FL, can provide the support, resources, and guidance that people need to recover fully and get your life back.

Addiction impairs your judgment, making it easier to spend thoughtlessly on drugs and alcohol. It also causes people to make questionable or harmful decisions. Addiction can also:

  • Damage relationships
  • Cause severe medical and mental health problems
  • Aggravate pre-existing medical and psychological conditions
  • Lead to financial devastation
  • Cause employment problems
  • Cause organ damage
  • Cause death

How Addiction Works

Addiction is a vast and complex disease. For some people, using drugs and alcohol causes the brain to release a powerful and overwhelming rush of pleasurable neurotransmitters responsible for the positive effects of intoxication. Chemical changes in the brain’s pleasure and reward centers begin to take place after extended use. These changes inhibit the release of neurotransmitters without the drug. This means that the people and events that would usually make you happy start to lose their effect and importance. Many substances also cause the body to become physically dependent on that substance to function normally. Once a physical addiction develops, you may experience painful and overwhelming withdrawal symptoms within hours of your last use.

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Addiction and Mental Health

Learning how to cope with negative emotions (e.g., depression, anxiety, isolation, and anger) is another central component of Archstone’s partial hospitalization program. Finding new approaches to help patients change thinking and behavior patterns is at the heart of this popular treatment method. Identifying triggers is another way Archstone can help support your recovery in a partial hospitalization program. Although it’s impossible to avoid every trigger, learning how to approach them is one of the essential strategies we teach at Archstone.

Types of Addiction

Stimulants and depressants are the two most popular types of addictive substances. Stimulants stimulate the central nervous system, creating an energizing effect, while depressants sedate the central nervous system, slowing heartbeat, breathing, and movement. Both types of drugs can cause poor decision-making and often lead to injury. Mixing multiple substances will dramatically increase the risk of an overdose.

The most commonly abused substances that often lead to physical dependency include:

  • Alcohol (including beer, wine, and liquor)
  • Opiates (including fentanyl, Vicodin, OxyContin, and heroin)
  • Benzodiazepines (including Xanax, Ativan, and Klonopin)
  • Stimulants (including amphetamines, methamphetamines, and cocaine)

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Partial Hospitalization Program at Archstone Behavioral Health

Our clinicians are only a phone call away. If you or a loved one is suffering from the effects of chemical dependence or mental health issues, call our treatment team today at 561.631.9478 to learn whether a partial hospitalization (PHP) at Archstone will work in your schedule. We are able to treat complex medical and psychological issues.

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