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Kosher Recovery Programs: Florida Addiction Treatment Programs

There are many types of recovery programs available at Addiction Treatment Centers. Our Kosher Recovery track is led by clinicians who have a deeper understanding of the Jewish Family system, and specific training in the cultural nuances that exist with our Jewish clients. Including family enmeshment, religious trauma, a specific shame paradigm, and many other challenges that may exist with individuals struggling with addiction from the community. We work with patients from across the practicing and non-practicing spectrum of religious observance.  We place a specific emphasis and help patients navigate a core belief system into a greater understanding of what recovery will look like for them.  We celebrate the importance of spirituality and religious observance (when requested) during treatment.

In addition, participants in this particular form of rehabilitation can also take advantage of exercise facilities, nutrition planning services, an emphasis on healthy relationships with family members and friends, and Jewish traditions such as holiday celebrations and Shabbat dinners.

Kosher Recovery Addiction Treatment Centers will focus on creating structure around your life. At the same time, you seek sobriety from drugs or alcohol through a traditional 12 step model explicitly tailored towards the unique needs of Orthodox Jews living in South Florida. By providing “spiritual nourishment” (i.e., religious tradition) alongside the other practical components of treatment such as group therapy and education about substance abuse, Kosher Addiction Treatment Centers provide a supportive environment that helps participants work towards their sobriety goals.

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The Benefits Kosher Recovery Program

There are many benefits to this type of treatment program. Addiction is a disease that can be treated, and with the help of a professional treatment center, individuals can overcome their addiction. Treatment centers offer a variety of services and programs that can meet the needs of each client. Some of the benefits of attending a treatment center include:

Individualized Treatment Plan: A professional staff will create an individualized treatment plan for each client based on their specific needs. This plan will include all aspects of treatment, from detox to aftercare planning.

Group Therapy Sessions: Group therapy sessions provide clients with the opportunity to share their experiences and learn from others in a safe and supportive environment. Clients can build relationships with others in recovery and form a support system as they move towards sobriety.

Life Skills Training: Addiction treatment centers provide life skills training to help clients reintegrate back into the workplace or school after rehab. Life skills include building healthy relationships with family and friends, managing money and stress levels, and coping with triggers that may cause them to relapse down the road.

Relapse Prevention Planning: Treatment programs offer relapse prevention planning for those individuals who have completed their detox phase successfully but still need extra support before transitioning back into their communities. Clients will learn how to identify warning signs of drug use to avoid risky situations once they return home from addiction treatment.

Our Kosher Recovery Program

Our Kosher Recovery Programs are designed to help you find the right Addiction Treatment Center for your needs. Addiction is a severe problem, but it can be overcome.

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We will work with you to provide the best Addiction Treatment Centers in Florida so that you get clean and sober once again. Our Kosher Addiction Treatment Programs are custom-tailored towards each individual’s unique situation, which increases their chances of success. We have helped many people before regaining control of their lives through various treatment methods, including traditional therapies and non-traditional ones like meditation practices or yoga classes. Our Addiction Recovery Program does not require any special diets or strenuous physical activity; instead, we focus on getting individuals back into society by developing real-life skills they often lose they become addicted to drugs or alcohol.