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The Connection Between Homelessness and Substance Abuse in Florida

Florida is known for its sunny beaches and vibrant culture, but there's a…

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Glasses with drinks emphasizing overcoming alcoholism in the heart of Florida

Overcoming Alcoholism in the Heart of Florida

Alcoholism is a formidable challenge, impacting countless individuals and their loved ones. With…

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a counselor talking about The Difference Between Inpatent Detox And PHP program in Archstone Recovery

What Is the Difference between Inpatient Detox and PHP Program in Archstone Recovery?

If you or a loved one is grappling with substance abuse, knowing you…

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Man with a beanie giving into the effects of alcohol and drinking

What Are the Stages of Alcohol Abuse?

Alcohol, universally consumed, often blurs the line between casual sips and a spiraling…

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Match burning to show how drugs consume people

What Is Tweaking and Why Is It Dangerous?

Have you ever wondered what is tweaking? If so, you're not alone. Tweaking…

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People sitting in the waiting room and holding hands to symbolize support and the reasons drug detox in Lantana might fail

7 Reasons Drug Detox in Lantana Might Fail And How We Address Them

Beginning the journey to sobriety is a hopeful endeavor for many individuals in…

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Question mark on a blackboard to symbolize the question "what is hot rail"

What Is a Hot Rail?

In modern English, jargon and slang terms frequently spring forth; among such terms…

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A pregnant woman and her husband holding baby shoes.

Is There Any Amount Of Acceptable Alcohol During Pregnancy?

Alcohol, a widely accepted substance in various social settings, often enjoys a distinct…

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Read all about the significance of social connections in addiction recovery

The Significance of Social Connections in Addiction Recovery

Addiction recovery at Archstone Behavioral Health Florida is a complex and challenging journey…

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Flakka Use in Florida: Understanding the Zombie Drug Phenomenon

The state of Florida has long been a hotspot for various drug epidemics.…

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