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person holding a syringe in their mouth, representing non-physical signs a loved one is addicted to heroin

6 Non-Physical Signs A Loved One Is Addicted to Heroin

When it comes to dangerous drugs, heroin takes one of the top places.…

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a sandy beach

Having Fun in Florida: Sober Edition

For many people, substance abuse starts off as experimenting with friends or at…

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A syringe disposal box containing syringes and other paraphernalia.

Patterns and Characteristics of Methamphetamine Use Among Adults

By all accounts, methamphetamine use among adults is a pressing concern in the…

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a man standing in the sun with arms open thinking about reasons to give Florida rehab another chance

9 Reasons to Give Florida Rehab Another Chance

Some people struggling with substance use disorder may have unsuccessfully attempted to get…

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a man feeling stressed, representing Stress And Relapse

Stress And Relapse: How They’re Connected And What You Can Do

A person's quality of life may improve in many ways during rehab. However,…

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Rebuilding and Repairing Relationships After Addiction

Rebuilding and repairing relationships after addiction is one of the most important steps…

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person wondering about How Does Alcohol Affect Sleep

How Does Alcohol Affect Sleep?

Many people believe that consuming alcohol before going to bed will sedate them,…

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Roasted turkey on a Thanksgiving table

Ultimate Guide to Cooking Thanksgiving Dinner Stress Free

Thanksgiving is a time for family and friends to come together, enjoy, and…

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The Importance of Spirituality During Alcohol and Drug Rehab in FL

Most of us go through life searching for meaning and purpose. Some people…

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Woman attending psychiatric treatment in an addiction center.

How To Find The Best Addiction Psychiatrists In South Florida

There are many misconceptions regarding rehab and how individuals recover from addiction. Some…

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