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Cocaine is an extremely addictive and dangerous stimulant that looks like a fine, white powder, and can be snorted, smoked, or injected. Due to the short-lived high of this drug, many individuals utilize frequent doses in one period of time in order to try and maintain their high. Unfortunately, individuals experiencing cocaine addiction are not always aware of what exactly they are buying. Sometimes, even the person who sells them does not know that the drug is not just cocaine. Although cocaine can cause overdoses on its own, the rise of overdose deaths related to cocaine use may also be due to the mixing of cocaine with other drugs such as heroin or fentanyl. Many individuals who arrive at addiction treatment programs with cocaine addictions and take a drug screen upon entering the rehab facility are surprised at the finding of other drugs in their system. This is one major reason why it is important to seek addiction treatment services if you or someone you know is participating in cocaine abuse.


Signs of a Cocaine Addiction

Cocaine Abuse and Addiction in Lantana

If you are worried about a loved one participating in cocaine abuse or drug addiction in general, it is absolutely advised to seek professional help from a treatment program, such as the cocaine rehab centers with Archstone Behavioral Health, in order to provide you with the proper advice and expertise needed to handle this delicate situation. It is important, however, to pay attention to and to know the signs of cocaine abuse so that when you call, you can report any signs of drug use. Family members are a vital part of many cocaine users seeking rehabilitation treatment, so please know that your support for your loved one’s health and wellness is appreciated, even if they cannot see that right now. Some signs of cocaine use you may notice:

  • Dilated pupils
  • Restlessness
  • Excessive amounts of energy
  • Nosebleeds
  • Weight loss
  • Increase in co-occurring mental health disorders
  • Insomnia

Frustrated with Someone Involved with Cocaine Use?

As a family member or friend of someone who participating in drug abuse, it is normal to feel upset and even lash out at the individual who is using. Coming from a place somewhere between love, hurt, and confusion, you may say things you never thought you would. You may find yourself using phrases like, “Why are you throwing your life away?” or “Are you really this stupid?” It is common to feel frustrated when someone we love is hurting themselves and we do not understand why; all we want to do is to save them from the situation.

One facet to remember in these situations is that addiction is not a choice; it is defined as a “chronic, relapsing brain disease.” Although we wish there was a quick fix and that our loved ones could simply choose to stop their cocaine use one day, it is rarely this easy. Mental illness, environmental factors, genetics, and the changing biology of the brain once someone has a cocaine problem all keep them trapped within the cycle of abuse. Likely, underneath their use of drugs, they have wished for their old life back and felt out of control or powerless to their addiction.


How to Talk to Someone Experiencing Cocaine Addiction

For this reason, experiencing harsh words from family members–even those who absolutely do love them– can make someone who has a substance use disorder retreat in their tracks and can even trigger them to use further. They may have thoughts such as, “I’m never going to get better” or “I’m letting everyone down,” and this feeds their addiction. It makes sense the individual may be experiencing thoughts such as this because of the common overlap of mental health issues and cocaine addiction. Someone may experience mental illness such as anxiety or depression before their cocaine addiction, and the addiction may completely exacerbate the symptoms–or the user may develop a mental health problem after beginning drug abuse.

The best way to encourage someone to overcome cocaine addiction by seeking treatment is to be patient, kind, and understanding. Listen to their issues. Listen to their experiences. Treat someone with a cocaine addiction like they are physically sick with an illness–because they are. No matter what Stage of Change an individual is in when they come to a cocaine rehab center, treatment programs always start with truly listening to and hearing the individual. Over time, reflecting the individual’s hesitations towards continuing drug abuse can help them to see that treatment is worth it and is possible, even though they feel out of control or powerless. The encouraging words of friends and family can provide hope to those experiencing a substance use disorder, and at times, this is the difference between life and death.

Effective Cocaine Addiction Treatment

It can be difficult to feel responsible for a loved one with an addiction, especially when you know how risky and dangerous their behavior has been. Once you have introduced the idea of having them receive treatment and they accept, you will feel an incredible weight lifted. Treatment facilities such as ours at Archstone Behavioral Health are equipped with the professionals and the environment needed to assist your loved one in the recovery process. You are no longer alone. Medical assistance is always available, which is incredibly useful for withdrawal symptoms from cocaine use, and even for individuals who have used long term and have developed physical conditions as a result of their use.

From the moment a call is made, an individual has hope of treatment for cocaine abuse. Treatment options can be explained thoroughly, and once on site, a treatment plan can be made which addresses all the needs and goals for the individual in treatment. Therapy sessions will include treatment for co-occurring disorders, will address any other substance abuse such as drug and alcohol abuse, and will utilize Cognitive Behavioral Therapy so that the individual can identify their triggers as well as develop healthy coping skills. To us, mental health services are a vital piece of the puzzle, since we are dedicated to helping people recover long-term.


What’s Next? Cocaine Addiction Treatment in Lantana

If you are worried about a loved one potentially experiencing cocaine addiction, do not hesitate to call our cocaine addiction treatment center. Our professional staff will be on the line to provide you with the proper support needed to get help for your loved one.

Contact Archstone Behavioral Health in Lantana, FL, today at 561.631.9478 to find out more about whether our addiction treatment programs are right for you or your loved one.