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No matter what stage of addiction you are experiencing, recovery is within your reach when you are in the right environment, getting the right level of care. At Archstone Behavioral Health, our addiction therapy programs are clinician-led and hope-driven. Check out photos of our facility and give us a call to determine whether Archstone Behavioral Health might be a good choice for you or a loved one.

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Therapy is one of the crucial factors for successful recovery.

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If you have been wrestling with alcoholism, depression, drug addiction, or mental health issues, we hope you’ll consider our treatment center as a segue to healthy, purpose-driven living. Our treatment center stands out from the rest because of its comfortable, friendly vibes, and deeply dedicated staff. We offer the following treatment options at Archstone Behavioral Health:

How Is Archstone Behavioral Health Different?

The addiction therapy programs at Archstone Behavioral Health are unlike anything you’ve experienced at a Florida addiction treatment center in the past. While our principles are deeply rooted in 12-Step ideology, we also offer chiropractic services and yoga. We offer a full continuum of care in one location, which means that our patients stay with us for the duration of their treatment. At Archstone, we do not follow the typical Florida model for addiction treatment. We don’t bus patients from center to center, and our clinician-led, mission-driven treatment model was founded based on both research and experience.

Every Day is a Second Chance

Tell us your story, and we will do our best to provide efficient, tailor-made treatment for you and your loved ones.

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Archstone Behavioral Health: More Than a Florida Rehab

If you have developed a dependency on a substance that is causing harm to your psyche, health, dreams, relationships, family, and future, the residential addiction treatment programs at Archstone Behavioral Health can help you get your life back. Research illustrates that providing access to a positive support network, stable housing, and transitional assistance increases success rates for patients completing addiction treatment. Give us a call at 561.631.9478 to learn more about our remarkable mission, staff, facilities, and treatment options.

Healing Starts With Archstone’s Addiction Therapy Programs

We offer several holistic therapies to help treat your body, mind, and spirit together. Holistic therapies have few–if any–side effects and have the added benefit of promoting physical activity, mindfulness, and social skills. Some common holistic therapies include yoga, pilates, and breathwork. Our community members also have access to our lovely outdoor pool and gazebo. You will quickly learn that Archstone is more than a typical Florida rehab; we are a therapeutic community of healing and recovery.

Your Post-Treatment Plan

At Archstone, our goal is to set patients up for lasting recovery. Your therapists will work with you to develop an aftercare plan that works for you and your family. We understand that everyone’s recovery process is different; however, people are more likely to succeed when they have completed a treatment program and have access to post-treatment services. Whether you need advice or just want to talk to a person who understands some of what you’re going through, Archstone’s alumni network is available to help. We host community service events throughout the year and hold weekly meetings to keep our community members actively engaged.

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Addiction Recovery Is Possible at Archstone Behavioral Health

If you or someone you love is struggling with the effects of addiction, you may feel hopeless or desperate. No matter what stage of addiction a person is in, healing is always possible in the right environment. Please don’t hesitate to contact Archstone Behavioral Health if you are interested in learning more about our life-changing mental health and addiction therapy programs. Lasting recovery is within your reach. Contact Archstone Behavioral Health by calling to learn more.

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