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I am celebrating 1 year today, and i am contacting the facility that i had went to, so i can join an upcoming meeting. i called and left a message with a alum. director. i called back, pressed opt. 8 to speak with and operator. a nurse answered the phone, and i asked if an administrator was there to speak with. she paused, and said "They were no longer with us." i stated i would call back, so i did asking for the previous Alum director. They said "They are no longer with us as well" in a aggravated tone. THEN HUNG UP! Called back several times with out success of reaching anyone on the phone. i called off a different number, which was answered immediately? spoke with another nurse, who i asked who the new Alum director is? she asked "who are you?" "Cody?" i answered no. with my name. now, myself, who is recovering from alcohol, is getting aggravated with this mishandling of a simple question, when and where is the next meeting? who is in charge of the meetings? They are obviously not the same place that i graduated from, they would not have handled a simple conversation like that. the place that i recovered from was all about helping. obviously they are different people

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This place can save your life.

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Great people. Best help I could ask for!

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This is an amazing place! Changed my life for the best.

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Blessed to have come to a place that truly cared about the clients and gave me The faith and hope to recover

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Went here in 2017, this place saved my life and I’m forever grateful for getting the opportunity to go here.

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Great staff, and an approach that helped me to build a solid foundation for my recovery.

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Wonderful recovery philosophy and overall experience. If you are willing, Archstone is able. Blessings????????????

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This place has hands down changed my life. I was at my lowest point and the Archstone staff gave me my life back. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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such a great place, the worst part of my life, God picked me up and set me in one big loving family. I have had a few stumbles in 3 years but I am STRONGER THAN EVER!! AND SOBER !!! THANK YOU TO ALL THE PEOPLE THAT HELPED ME!!!

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