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Cocaine is known as perhaps one of the most addictive substances you can get your hands on. There’s good reason for this: by some estimates, cocaine is one of the most common drugs to abuse in the United States, second only to fentanyl. Prolonged use will permanently alter brain chemistry, making it very difficult to break out of an addiction. But recovery is, indeed, possible – with professional help. At Archstone Behavioral Health, we provide effective and evidence based cocaine withdrawal treatment and mental health care. Our staff are available 24/7 to provide you with compassionate and caring addiction rehab so contact us whenever you are ready to start your journey toward recovery!

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Our cocaine withdrawal treatment is the first toward your happy future.

Everything you need to know about cocaine and cocaine addiction

Cocaine is a potent and highly addictive stimulant derived from the coca plant. It is a Schedule II controlled substance – along with drugs like methadone, oxycodone, fentanyl, morphine, opium, methamphetamine, and pentobarbital. These drugs have a high potential for abuse but may still have some medical application (in the case of cocaine, as a local anesthetic). Cocaine obtained illegally for the purposes of abuse typically comes in two forms: powder (known colloquially as coke or blow) and crystal (with the street name crack or crack cocaine). It can be inhaled, swallowed, or injected and the use will usually depend on the form the drug takes.

Cocaine produces an intense high through feelings of alertness, power, energy, and excitement. These effects come from an increase in dopamine, a neurotransmitter-hormone in the brain that makes us feel satisfaction, pleasure, reward, and confidence. A higher level of dopamine due to cocaine, therefore, make the user feel elated – but only temporarily. The effects of cocaine are short-lived: 5-10 minutes if you inject it and up to 30 minutes if you swallow or inhale it. But the disruption in dopamine levels can cause permanent issues. After experiencing the high that comes from using cocaine, you may not feel equal satisfaction from significantly smaller increases in dopamine that come with everyday successes and pleasures. Instead, you’ll find yourself chasing the feeling you had the first time you tried cocaine. The chase is always unsuccessful; what you wind up with is an addiction.

The dangers of cocaine use

Cocaine can have a significant negative effect on both physical and mental health. While it is not true that taking cocaine once or twice will automatically lead to an addiction, it is impossible to overstate the addictiveness of the substance. As many as one in four people who try it do end up developing an addiction. The strong cravings that cocaine produces furthermore cause as many as 24% of the users who seek help to relapse within a year of undergoing cocaine withdrawal treatment. Of those who do not relapse, 18% will require outpatient cocaine rehab to maintain sobriety. Unfortunately, cocaine is an attractive stimulant for young people to try and the scope of its use is extensive – almost five million Americans aged 12 or older report using it in the last year. Of those, almost 1.5 million were addicted.

But addictiveness is not the only danger of cocaine. In powder form, cocaine is rarely sold pure. Instead, it’s diluted with other substances to make the sale more profitable. Sometimes, the cutting of cocaine is harmless or may even lessen its effects. Other times, the interaction between the substances can be lethal. Most users won’t know the exact substance or dosage they’re taking. This is one of the reasons why cocaine overdoses are so common – almost 25,000 Americans died of a cocaine overdose in 2021 alone. Even those who survive prolonged use of cocaine will, however, face serious consequences to their:

  • physical health – heart issues, cardiovascular disease, decreased kidney and GI function, malnourishment, skin lesions, respiratory damage, and dental decay
  • mental health – depression, anxiety, trauma, PTSD, and paranoia
  • interpersonal relationships – neglect, aggression, loneliness, self-isolation, irritability, mood swings, and even violence
  • behavior – trouble focusing, restlessness, brain fog, and decreased impulse control

Find safe and effective cocaine withdrawal treatment at Archstone Behavioral Health

Cocaine can severely impact your life for years and even decades after you stop using. The longer your addiction continues, the more permanent the effects of cocaine on your brain. So it’s paramount that you start cocaine rehab as soon as possible. With the right drug detox treatment in FL, you increase your chances of successfully leaving cocaine behind.

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Safe medical detox is within reach at Archstone Behavioral Health.

Start your recovery with supervised medical detox

One of the most important parts of cocaine withdrawal treatment is also the hardest step in the recovery journey – detox. This is when you gradually decrease and ultimately stop using cocaine so your body can process it out of the system. Without detoxing, you cannot achieve sobriety. But the process is not pleasant. In fact, detoxing from cocaine without medical supervision can be dangerous. For this reason, you should always opt for medical detox Florida at our facility instead. Our staff can keep you safe and comfortable while you undergo this process. Be prepared to experience irritability, anxiety, mood swings, fatigue, emotional dysregulation, and intense cravings. These will start around 8-12 hours after your last use of cocaine and last anywhere between a few days and several weeks. We will be there to provide you with support during this time.

Enjoy a comfortable recovery in modern and well-equipped facilities

Because of its intense and often permanent effects, cocaine is a difficult drug to walk away from. Many users continue to experience occasional cravings months and even years after detoxing. Consequently, cocaine addiction treatment may also take a long time. But regardless of how much support you need, you will find it at Archstone. Our treatment options include:

  • staying at our inpatient drug detox center Florida for a residential program of up to 90 days; during this time, you will live in a controlled environment with constant supervision, easy access to medical services, and daily therapy
  • attending a partial hospitalization program in Lantana FL; a step-down service from inpatient rehab, PHPs are a good way to transition out of rehab while still receiving an intensive level of addiction care
  • joining an rehab aftercare program as an Archstone alumnus and a member of our community; this is a way to get peer support and low-level care that focuses on maintaining sobriety

We conduct all treatment at our facility in Lantana Florida. Recently renovated for both comfort and functionality, it provides a comfortable and welcoming environment to get the help you need for as long as you need it.

Archstone Behavioral Health makes you and your well-being the priority

Relapse rates for cocaine addiction are undeniably high. Our goal is to make sure you are not contributing to those numbers. To that end, we aim to provide holistic care that improves your overall mental health. This gives you the ability, skills, and confidence to continue on the journey of recovery independently after rehab.

We believe that a caring community facilitates healing

Archstone is not just a business – it’s a community. People come to us at their most vulnerable and it is our mission to care for them with all the compassion that they deserve. For this reason, we nurture a loving, welcoming, and positive atmosphere at our treatment center. That is only possible when everyone involved shows mutual respect and care. When you attend our cocaine withdrawal treatment, you will become a part of this. In doing so, you will build a support system that lasts for life. And with like-minded peers and professionals on your side, you will find it easier to beat cocaine addiction.

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Find a supportive community among our alumni!

We focus on your mental health during recovery

Addiction is not only a mental condition in and of itself; it also affects a person’s overall mental health and interacts with any other diagnoses they may have. For this reason, treatment for mental health is a big part of addiction care provided at Archstone Behavioral Health. Not only is therapy the core of our addiction program, but you can also receive:

All of our treatment is furthermore based on the principles of trauma informed care. We are very aware of the fact that addiction can be and often is a consequence of trauma, a cause of trauma, or traumatic in and of itself. So we approach every person who attends rehab at our facility as someone who has experienced and been affected by trauma. Learning how to deal with the consequences of trauma is as such an inalienable part of our treatment.

We offer a variety of programs to cater to a variety of patients

Most people in cocaine rehab start with other substances – alcohol, benzos, antidepressants, or other stimulants. In some cases, the abuse of these substances may continue alongside cocaine abuse. If you suffer from other addictions as well, you can find treatment at Archstone Behavioral Health. We treat all the common addictions and our programs include:

Whatever your vice may be, we can help you leave it behind. So don’t be afraid to ask for help with any addiction you may struggle with, whether it be cocaine or another substance.

Contact us today and take the first step on your journey to recovery from cocaine addiction!

Do not let your addiction control your life – start cocaine withdrawal treatment at Archstone Behavioral Health today and reclaim your future. We are here to help you on this journey every step of the way. Reliant on effective evidence-based methods and staffed by caring and compassionate experts, our treatment center is one of the best in the country. So contact us to start the admissions process. It’s the first step toward a healthier and happier tomorrow.

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