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OxyContin is prescribed legally for individuals experiencing severe pain– for example, those who have chronic pain, have been injured, are post-operation, or are experiencing cancer. However, the number of individuals prescribed OxyContin has decreased over the years from the time it was originally developed and patented by Purdue Pharma in 1996. This is because although OxyContin is an extremely effective pain reliever, it is also a highly addictive substance and can be dangerous if not used without the proper supervision of medical professionals.

At the time the drug was introduced to medical professionals originally, many were unaware of the addictive properties of the medication. The rates of those abusing OxyContin increased rapidly and doctor shopping to find more of the drug became regular. It was at this time that OxyContin addiction began to make headlines, as there was an increase in overdose deaths. Subsequently, acknowledging the harm this drug was producing, doctors across the nation decreased their prescribing rates. Due to the seriousness of OxyContin addiction, this is an issue that is recommended to be treated at a treatment center such as the ones with Archstone Behavioral Health.

What is OxyContin?

Painkiller Addiction Treatment

OxyContin is a prescription drug prescribed for moderate to severe pain which is often misused for the euphoric effects of the medication. OxyContin is the brand name for the generic drug oxycodone hydrochloride, and it has similar effects to drugs like morphine, however, OxyContin is a semi-synthetic opiate. Individuals experiencing OxyContin abuse== who use the drug regularly– develop a tolerance to the drug, meaning they have to take increasing doses to feel the same effects as they once did when they started using. This can quickly turn into life-threatening behavior, as taking too much of the drug could cause opioid overdose and death.

Unlike other pain medications, OxyContin lasts significantly longer and has higher doses of oxycodone, making it the drug of choice for those who have Opioid Use Disorder. Since those who use opioids regularly experience withdrawal symptoms when they do not use them, individuals will often use the longer-lasting drug OxyContin compared to Percocet, which may only last a short 4-6 hours.

What is the Process of OxyContin Abuse?

Often, those who end up abusing OxyContin initially had a legal prescription. Individuals sometimes end up taking more OxyContin than prescribed, attempt to get more pills from a doctor, and if they cannot, will look for the pills elsewhere. Some individuals may begin to steal OxyContin or other opiates from family members who are sick or who keep them casually in their medicine cabinets, but others will find connections to a drug dealer. Even if the dealer is someone they trust, obtaining the drug illegally runs the risk of the drug being tampered with before buying. Sometimes the dealer does not even know that the pills have other drugs or substances added.

The drug OxyContin is usually released over an extended period of 12 hours. People participating in opiate abuse will– instead of swallowing the pills whole– crush or chew them, increasing the intensity and rate at which they feel the effects of the drug. This method of ingesting OxyContin greatly increases the risk of addiction and also of overdose. Someone may think that if they buy their pills whole, this is proof that no other drugs were added. Unfortunately, this is a myth, as whole pills are still often laced with substances like fentanyl. The thought is that if the users enjoy the high they experience, they will continue to come back and buy more. Of course, this also greatly increases rates of addiction and of overdose as well.

OxyContin Addiction Treatment in Lantana

OxyContin addiction treatment at a professional addiction treatment center looks similar to treatment for other types of drug abuse. People experiencing OxyContin addiction also commonly experience other forms of substance abuse, and fortunately, all types of addictions can be addressed while in the treatment program. When a person first checks into inpatient treatment, a thorough assessment is done by a substance abuse counselor, accounting for the person’s history, environment, genetics, mental health, and countless other factors. Treatment programs always include an assigned counselor,  a medical professional, and numerous other staff on the team treating addiction.

Options to Address OxyContin Addiction in Drug Rehab

Medically supervised detox is certainly one option for individuals who have entered a treatment facility. This initial detox would help with the cough, flu-like symptoms characteristic of withdrawal from opioids. The withdrawal symptoms are a major part of relapse for individuals with this type of substance use disorder, so surpassing this stage can be a major stepping stone in the recovery process.

Another option during inpatient treatment is stabilizing on a medication designed to curb cravings for opioids and to stop withdrawal symptoms. Some of the options for this are methadone, buprenorphine, and suboxone, which must be taken daily and under the supervision of an addiction treatment center. These medications are also available via outpatient treatment but the individual must gradually earn more take-home medications rather than visiting the treatment center daily at first.

After the team, including the patient, decides on the course of treatment needed, a treatment plan will be formed with interventions designed to treat their addiction. Interventions may include the above-mentioned medications, medical detox, individual therapy, group therapy, or more. All of the interventions offered at an addiction treatment center such as Archstone Behavioral Health are proven to be effective in helping individuals prevent relapse and stay sober.

Reaching out for help is your first step in recovering from addiction. Substance use disorder doesn’t happen overnight; recovery also takes time. Give your brain and body time to heal. Reaching out for help is the only way for many people to regain control of their lives. Contact Archstone Behavioral Health in Lantana, FL, today at 561.631.9478 to find out more about whether our programs are right for you or your loved one.

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