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Archstone saved my life. I dont know where I would be if I hadn't ended up in treatmen there in 2016. I was completely broken. Thank you to the staff and alumni for getting me through the hardest part of my life. 4 years sober in April.

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I'm not lying when I said archestone changed and saved my life! The staff was always so amazing and caring! If you're looking for a SAFE and LEGIT place in Florida to go to rehab then go here ! Also the area is beatiful!

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I attended archstone in 2016 and it was the greatest thing that could have happened to me. I owe my life and happiness to all the staff at archstone and their wonderful team. Its an amazing place.

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The staff here was excellent, friendly and attentive to most needs acceptable within the facility. Unlike other treatment facilities, this one doesn’t resemble your traditional hospital setting, which makes well for adaptation allowing clients to be more comfortable while they make the transformation to a better person. Clients Were allowed to participate In activities such as the beach, the movies, and tours of local nature centers, as well as other recovery based activities. The amenities are great featuring a pool, a gazebo, laundry facilities and barbecue area for client camaraderie. I’d never go anywhere else, this place saved my life. -alumni 2017

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Best treatment experience I have had. The only negative thing I could say is the food provided in detox and residential was not the greatest but if you are going to treatment for the food you may want to check your intentions. The staff is top notch. I was given the opportunity to experience EMDR therapy while there and it totally changed my out look on therapy. Would recommend to anyone who is ready to give an honest effort towards sobriety.

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I have never been so pleased with an ENTIRE place in my whole life. (And I’m hard to please) From the staff even clients also they come together as a group and no matter what will hold you down. I thank the Lord everyday I found this place!!! My saving grace. I am now coming up on 4 years sober and I can tell you quite a lot of people in my group are still sober there’s the proof right here.... Archstone WORKS <3

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I was a broken absent father. Thanks to Archstone staff for showing me patience, love, a 2nd family and guiding me along a clean/sober journey. Now today I have 3+ yrs in recovery, love my job, see my daughter everyday, and above else I can live with being me... I know today Archstone was key.

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Archstone was a place that saved my life. A little over 4 years ago I came to Florida as a broken man with no hope and due to the wonderful staff,facilities, and some open mindedness, I was able to secure the tools I needed to be successful in this new life. I would suggest this facility for anyone struggling and needing a major change in their life.

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Absolutely amazing place for recovery. I would recommend Archstone to anyone that needs help with an addition. The staff there go above and beyond for the clients to ensure that they get all the care and attention that each individual needs to help with their recovery. I personally love each and every staff member there the clinical team nurses,the doctor and all the techs. Heather educated me well about my addition and about the consequences of my addition (Alcohol).. She is a great therapist and a real sweetheart.I Love each and everyone of you with everything within me & heart is with you all when I was there now and forever !!!!!! LOVE ALWAY'S DANNY PHILLIPS 💗💗💗 !!!

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I went to archstone in 2013 and I couldnt be more grateful for this place. Ive been sober ever since, they literally saved my life. They taught me how to live a normal life, without drugs and alcohol, and how to deal with my past trauma. They also taught me how to have FUN in recovery, which is soooo important! The community they have is AMAZING, the people truly care about you! If you want to better yourself and your life, archstone is the place to go!💕

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