How Much Does an Addiction Treatment Program Cost in Florida?

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How Much Does an Addiction Treatment Program Cost in Florida

Alcoholism and drug addiction are serious conditions that require professional treatment to achieve long-term recovery. Unfortunately, many people avoid seeking the help they need. According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), 75% of individuals struggling with addiction never attend addiction treatment.[1]

One of the main reasons people do not seek treatment is because they are worried they cannot afford it. While the cost of addiction treatment in Florida can be high, there are ways to make it more affordable.

Certain factors like the type of program, specialties offered, and the location of the facility can make the overall price of drug and alcohol rehab higher. If you are struggling to afford addiction treatment, you could choose a program that accepts your insurance, find a free or low-cost facility, or consider crowdsourcing the money you need.

In this article, you will learn:

  • Which factors affect the cost of addiction treatment in Florida
  • How to make rehab more affordable
  • Whether addiction treatment centers accept insurance

Factors that Affect The Cost of Rehab in Florida

It can be difficult to pinpoint exactly how much rehab costs in Florida because there are a variety of factors that influence the overall price. Each treatment center will have its own set prices based on what its facility offers. That said, knowing what factors can increase the price of treatment can help you find a more affordable facility.

The factors that influence the cost of addiction treatment in Florida include:

  • Type of Program – There are many different treatment options to choose from, with inpatient and outpatient rehab being the main types. Inpatient rehab tends to cost more than an outpatient program, as they offer housing, meals, and 24/7 care.
  • Length of Stay – Some programs offer 30-day treatment plans while others are 90 days or more. The longer you stay in a treatment center, the more money you can expect to pay.
  • Location and Size of Facility – If your rehab center is right by the beach instead of in a commercial area, it might cost more overall. This is because the program is paying higher prices to own the space. Additionally, if you choose a small facility that offers more one-on-one time with therapists and doctors, the cost of treatment will be higher.
  • Specialties – Some treatment facilities offer specialty treatments like medication-assisted treatment (MAT) or dual diagnosis services. The more specialties you need, the higher the overall cost will be.
  • Amenities Offered – Lastly, many substance abuse treatment centers have amenities to help you stay comfortable during your stay. For example, a rehab facility might offer complimentary massages, acupuncture, or specialized meditation classes. The more amenities offered, the more the program will cost.

How to Make Addiction Treatment More Affordable

If you suffer from a substance use disorder, receiving professional treatment is a vital step in recovery. Unfortunately, money often gets in the way of people receiving the help they need. If you are having a hard time affording the type of treatment you need, there are ways to lessen the overall cost.

When you are trying to afford addiction treatment, consider the following:

Use Insurance

Whether you require inpatient or outpatient care, insurance companies are required to cover some form of substance abuse treatment. If you have insurance coverage, you should contact your provider to receive a list of in-network treatment facilities. Your private insurance company will give you names of rehab programs in Florida that accept your insurance, guaranteeing that the overall cost you are responsible for will be lowered.

Find a Free or Subsidized Program

If you do not have health insurance, do not worry. There are still ways to find affordable addiction treatment services in Florida. Some programs are funded by the government, allowing them to offer free or low-cost treatment to their clients.

If you find a free or subsidized program, you might be given a full scholarship to attend. If not, they will use a sliding scale fee payment plan, which means you will only be asked to pay what you can afford based on your income.

Consider Crowdsourcing

Lastly, if low-cost rehabs and insurance are not available to you, you should consider crowdsourcing. Many people use tools like GoFundMe to post on social media and get their family members, friends, and even strangers to donate to their addiction treatment fund.

Receiving addiction care is a matter of life and death, so you should never feel bad about asking for donations. Many people will be willing to donate as much as they can, making it possible for you to afford the help you need.

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  1. The National Institutes of Health (NIH): 10 percent of US adults have drug use disorder at some point in their lives