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Extended Care PCP Rehab Programs in Florida: Get Help with Archstone Recovery

If you know anything about addiction, or if you’re a drug user yourself, you probably know that drug addiction can destroy lives. PCP (phencyclidine), often called “angel dust,” is more destructive than most. It was originally developed as an anesthetic, but after patients began developing symptoms of addiction and psychosis it was banned by the FDA and subsequently became a popular street drug. The reason it has such potential for destruction is that its use is correlated to strong levels of violence. While it doesn’t chemically cause violence, if the user already has tendencies toward mental illness, it can trigger those. In addition, being an anesthetic, PCP takes away the user’s ability to feel pain, so he or she can fight without feeling it. Because of this, PCP also has a reputation with police departments, who will often go further to subdue a suspect they believe to be using PCP. If your life, or the life of someone you love, is being destroyed by PCP, it’s so important to get help right away. PCP is a physically addictive drug, and it’s important to go through withdrawal at a secure medical facility under the supervision of trained specialists.

What Happens After the Drug is Out of Your System?

Once you’ve started your recovery, how do you stay clean—especially when your life as an addict meant surrounding yourself with other users? When you’ve built your life around PCP and other drugs, how can you go back into the world without being sucked right back into your old life? That’s where the extended care program at Archstone Recovery comes in. At Archstone Recovery we treat the whole person, and we understand that your addiction affects every part of your life. Our extended care program provides you with housing near our drug and alcohol rehabilitation facility in Lantana, Florida. Once you’re ready to leave rehab, you might not be ready to go back to your old neighborhood and friends. Instead, you can live as part of a recovery community with others who are struggling with the same issues. You can work or go to school during the day and use your evenings for recovery meetings and treatment, in a safe environment that’s removed from your old, addicted life. You can get clean and stay clean from PCP addiction with Archstone Recovery. Not a resident of Florida and live in the surrounding areas (NC, SC, DC, AR, GA)? Not a problem. Archstone Recovery’s treatment programs are available to all that need help to get sober. Contact us today.