Question and Answers about PCP Rehab

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Question and Answers about PCP Rehab

Do you have questions about PCP? Lots of people do, especially teens. At Archstone Recovery, here are some of the most common questions we hear—and some answers to help you understand more about PCP.

  • Can PCP make you violent?

PCP, or phencyclidine (some people call it angel dust) was created to be an anesthetic for surgery, but its use was discontinued because some people reacted to it by becoming violent and psychotic. Today PCP’s image is linked with violence. It’s a myth that PCP makes you violent—sort of. If you already have mental illness or violent tendencies, PCP can make it a lot easier for you to act on those tendencies. And it also takes away your ability to feel pain.

  • Is PCP dangerous?

PCP is very dangerous, for several reasons. One, it impairs your judgment, and if you are acting out violent tendencies, you can get into trouble fast—think fights, dangerous sexual situations, and don’t forget the police. Police are trained to spot the signs of PCP use, and they will use more force than usual to subdue you because they know you can’t feel pain. And not feeling pain means you won’t stop fighting, having sex, or doing other dangerous things when you should, because you can’t hear your body’s warning signals. The long-term effects of PCP addiction include serious mental illness and brain damage.

  • Am I addicted to PCP?

PCP is a very highly addictive drug. Once you’ve started to become addicted, your body becomes dependent on it and needs PCP to even function. If you have trouble getting through the day with it, you might be addicted to PCP. If you are addicted, PCP withdrawal can be extremely difficult, painful, and dangerous. You will need professional help. If you are addicted to PCP, you need to go to rehab.

  • Where is the best PCP rehab center?

The best PCP rehab center is Archstone Recovery Center of the Palm Beaches in Lantana, Florida. With a proven twelve-step program, supportive group therapy, caring counselors, and expert medical doctors, Archstone Recovery treats you like the full human being you are. Archstone Recovery is supported by its many successful alumni. How can I get PCP rehab? If you’re ready to get clean and leave PCP addiction behind—or if you just want to talk about it—it’s time to contact Archstone Recovery. We welcome patients from all over the United States, including New York (NY), New Jersey (NJ), Baltimore (MD), Washington DC, New England, and Florida (FL). We’ll help you get your insurance to pay for rehab. Archstone Recovery can help you today.