Alumni Network – Why is it important?

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Weekly Alumni Meetings Every Thursday at 7 pm

Recovery is a life-long journey that does not end when you leave the rehab facility. Archstone Behavioral Health, in Lantana, Florida, has been helping people struggling with addiction for 20 years. Being around for this long has allowed our alumni network to grow into an amazingly helpful and supportive community. Even during the COVID-19 period of social distancing and quarantine, our alumni network has found a way to stay active. Archstone’s alumni community has set up virtual zoom meetings that are held every Thursday at 7 pm. To participate, enter the Zoom ID: 5615888323. Join this supportive community of people doing their very best to stay sober, support each other, and stay connected. 

5 Benefits of Participating in an Alumni Program

Having a Support System after Rehab

Transitioning back into the world after rehab can be very stressful. Having a community to rely on and connect with can help with that transition. Staying sober is a life-long journey that is made easier with a strong support system that fully understands the struggle. The ability to talk to people that have been through rehab and are maintaining their own sobriety is an amazing resource to have.

Getting Involved in Service and the Community

Some alumni programs like to get involved in the community and volunteer. This helps you build strong ties in your community and give back to your area. It keeps you busy and provides you with sober activities to participate in. You can also get involved within the alumni program by mentoring and sponsoring newer members. You may also help plan events and set up or clean up from them.

Level of Involvement is Your Choice

Some people avoid joining groups because they do not want the obligation and commitments that come with getting involved. This program allows you to decide how involved you want to be and it can vary based on your needs and schedule. Some months you may feel like you need more support and want to go to events and join in on the meeting every Thursday. Other times you may feel like you only need to check in on some of the meetings or attend an event every once in while. Your involvement is entirely up to you and your needs. The program is there to support you when you need it and you can provide support to others, as well.

Stay Connected

Staying connected to the recovery community provides a support system and access to recovery education. When you participate in an alumni program, you are reminded of how hard you worked to get sober and it can encourage you to remain sober. Reminders of your therapies that are often discussed during meetings can serve as reinforcements for your recovery.

Relapse Prevention

Many alumni programs provide their members with several supportive tools to prevent relapse. Archstone utilizes a Facebook group page for members to have contact with each other and to host weekly meetings every Thursday at 7 pm. You will have a network of contacts that you can reach out to if you are struggling. Staying involved in meetings in the world of recovery can help prevent relapse. Archstone Behavioral Health offers a full continuum of care from detox to outpatient for those struggling with drug and alcohol addiction. Their support extends beyond rehab with their alumni program to help you maintain a successful life in sobriety. During COVID-19, our Alumni network will remain active through virtual meetings and will resume our normal events and activities as soon as possible. If you are part of our Archstone Family and would like to participate in alumni events and get involved with our program, call (561) 475-4237 or connect with us on Facebook! We will support you through this difficult time of COVID-19 quarantine!  INFOGRAPHIC INFO: Weekly Alumni Meeting: Every Thursday at 7 p.m.! Zoom ID: 5615888323