Substance Abuse Counseling For Veterans in Florida: An Overview

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substance abuse counseling for veterans in floridaOur nation owes a collective debt of gratitude to all the veterans who have sacrificed so much to protect our country’s freedoms and keep us safe. Many veterans have risked their lives and committed their time and energy to serve the nation and its citizens without asking for anything in return.

Veterans often live with physical and psychological wounds after their time in service comes to an end. They face unique pressures and challenges as they re-integrate into civilian life, and some turn to drugs or alcohol to cope with their stress. As a result, millions of veterans live with substance abuse or addiction.

Drug and alcohol addiction can wreak havoc on a veteran’s life, leading to relationship strain, mental health conditions, unemployment, and even homelessness. Veterans who have committed their lives to service deserve compassionate, effective addiction treatment and ongoing support–but very few get the help they need to recover.

Understanding what happens during addiction treatment and recovery can help people feel more comfortable and confident in seeking help.

Substance abuse counseling is a critical aspect of most comprehensive addiction treatment programs. This article will explore the importance of substance abuse counseling for veterans in Florida and how to find the treatment you need to get sober and avoid relapse for life.

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The Connection Between Veterans and Substance Abuse

Understanding how to provide effective treatment for substance abuse and addiction requires understanding the root causes of a person’s addiction. While each person has their own journey with substance abuse and addiction, veterans face some common factors that can increase their likelihood of developing addiction to drugs and alcohol. These include:

  • Higher rates of homelessness
  • Unemployment and underemployment
  • Traumatic brain injuries (TBI)
  • Chronic pain from injuries acquired during training or service
  • Stress during service and while re-entering civilian life
  • A military culture that promotes substance use
  • Easy, early access to alcohol

People who face stress or challenges that overwhelm their ability to cope may turn to any means necessary to function–including using drugs and alcohol. Using substances to dull uncomfortable emotions or manage stress is called “self-medication.”

Self-medicating with drugs or alcohol may temporarily relieve emotional discomfort but at a significant cost. Regular substance abuse can lead to a life-threatening addiction and cause other severe complications in your health, relationships, and emotional well-being.

Real change means digging deep to uncover the roots of your stress, trauma, and challenges and develop skills and habits that support sobriety and better functioning. Addiction counseling can provide an opportunity to develop insight and address the complex underlying aspects of substance abuse.

What to Expect in Addiction Counseling

Addiction counseling in Florida can occur within an inpatient substance abuse treatment program, during outpatient care, or as a standalone service in the community.

The goal of addiction counseling is to support long-term addiction recovery by helping people identify and treat trauma, giving them healthy coping skills, increasing self-worth, and more.

Typically, people meet with a licensed therapist for 45 minutes to an hour to build rapport, identify goals, and develop skills and routines to work toward goals. Addiction counseling can sometimes happen in a group setting. Addiction treatment programs for veterans often include both individual and group counseling sessions.

The Benefits of Substance Abuse Counseling for Veterans

Addiction is often a complex condition that involves a person’s behaviors, emotions, and body. Drug and alcohol abuse can change the way a person’s brain works, making it very challenging to stop using these substances, even when the harmful effects are evident.

A real, lasting recovery from addiction requires holistic treatment and ongoing support that includes substance abuse counseling. Veterans benefit from counseling in many ways.


Military culture often values confidence and self-reliance, and some veterans may feel ashamed or guilty asking for help. Addiction counseling can help veterans identify and reframe destructive beliefs that keep them stuck in a cycle of addiction and provides a regular source of non-judgmental support.


Veterans who use drugs and alcohol to cope with stress must learn new, healthy ways of managing difficult emotions. In substance abuse counseling sessions, veterans work with a licensed therapist to identify harmful habits and replace them with healthy coping mechanisms.


Veterans are trained to work as a team and be accountable to others. After leaving service, some may feel isolated or alone–and addiction can amplify these feelings. Substance abuse counseling sessions provide structured support for veterans in recovery. They must remain accountable to their therapist or therapy group, which can help veterans feel grounded as they navigate sobriety.

Substance abuse treatment is a critical piece of addiction treatment. Veterans in recovery can benefit from counseling at any stage of treatment and continue as part of their aftercare plan. Counseling for veterans focuses on veteran-specific issues and is tailored to each person’s needs.

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