“I Think I’m Addicted to Roofies”: Catelyn’s Story

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Discovering Club Drugs Addiction.

“I Think I’m Addicted to Roofies”: Catelyn’s Story Catelyn (not her real name) was a straight-A sorority sister who loved to dance. She had always enjoyed going out dancing with her friends—but it wasn’t until her new boyfriend took her out that she discovered club drugs. Ecstasy, GHB, acid—she tried it all and loved the way time seemed to bend around her. It was just her and her boyfriend and the music. Catelyn was hesitant about trying Rohypnol at first—her sorority sisters had warned her about the “date rape drug,” but she didn’t know you could also take it for fun. “I felt so far away from my body,” she says, “and I’ve always struggled with my weight, so I didn’t like my body very much. It was a good place to be.” She found herself coming back for more a few days later. Soon she broke up with her boyfriend—and started dating his dealer. She stopped caring about her grades, and starting doing roofies as much as she could. After a bad incident at a frat party, her friends held an intervention and told Catelyn she needed to go to rehab or she would be kicked out of the sorority. “I didn’t realize I was addicted,” said Catelyn, but when she thought about it all the signs were there. She couldn’t even function without Rohypnol—but she couldn’t function with it, either.

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Catelyn was furious that her friends had called her parents, but she agreed to try rehab. Her parents called Archstone Recovery and spoke to a warm, knowledgeable admissions specialist who took care of all of the insurance paperwork. Soon Catelyn was on a plane from New Jersey (NJ) to Palm Beach International Airport to Archstone Recovery in Lantana, Florida (FL). (Archstone Recovery clients come from New York (NY), New Jersey (NJ), Baltimore (MD), Washington DC, New England, Florida (FL), and all over the United States.) Catelyn started the detox program at Archstone Recovery and then began a residential program. She attended individual and group therapy, doctor’s appointments, and even art therapy classes. She sat by the pool and wrote in her journal. She met other students who were battling addiction. She learned why she had become addicted to Rohypnol and gained tools and techniques to help her stay sober once she returned to school. Catelyn describes rehab as “the best thing that ever happened to me. I don’t need roofies to live anymore.” Catelyn has now been sober for over a year; she asked Archstone Recovery to share her story because she wants to encourage others like her to recognize their addictions and get help. If you’re ready to ask for help for Rohypnol or other drug or alcohol addictions, it’s time to contact Archstone Recovery.