How To Find The Best Addiction Psychiatrists In South Florida

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There are many misconceptions regarding rehab and how individuals recover from addiction. Some mistakenly believe that treatment centers staff controls patients and physically prevent them from taking drugs. However, we employ a holistic approach at the Archstone Behavioral Health Center. Since many patients who need drug and alcohol detox Florida reach out to us, we offer personalized treatment programs. This means that we always assess the specific needs of each patient and create a comprehensive treatment plan. Our treatment includes both physical care as well as individual and group sessions with licensed psychiatrists. Feel free to reach out to us, and we can help you find the best addiction psychiatrists in South Florida. We are going to dedicate this article to explaining how psychiatrists can aid your recovery and what to expect from your sessions.

How Rehab Works

Individuals struggling with substance use disorder who wish to get better will have a hard time achieving long-term sobriety alone. Substance use disorder is classified as a chronic mental illness, which means it has no cure. Additionally, addiction is progressive, meaning it will get worse over time. Individuals will naturally build up a tolerance to drugs or alcohol over time, leading them to consume more. Furthermore, long-term and excessive use of drugs or alcohol can cause lasting damage to your body and mind.

Thankfully, with the help of a licensed rehabilitation center, individuals can learn to manage their addiction. You can lessen and reverse the damage caused by drugs by starting your recovery through medical detox Florida. During this stage of your treatment clinicians may even use medication-assisted treatment to reduce the impact of withdrawal symptoms. You aren’t cured once your body is free from toxins; on the contrary, this is where true healing can begin.

Upon completion of MAT and medical detox, patients can be admitted for residential stay at our Lantana, Florida facility. We employ a variety of evidence-based approaches to offer clients a rehabilitation and detox inpatient Florida treatment program. Residential treatment includes continuous medical care and support in a comfortable and supportive environment.

A typical residential stay at our facility lasts for 30-45 days. However, depending on your progress your stay could be shorter than 30 days. On the other hand, you could choose to extend your stay up to 90 days. During this time, you will participate in individual and group therapy sessions where you can learn about self-care. We can teach you the necessary skills you need to maintain your sobriety.

Man in individual therapy session.
The best addiction psychiatrists in South Florida can help you during rehab.

Psychotherapy and Addiction

A critical, yet often overlooked aspect of recovery is patients’ mental health. Although no one chooses to become addicted, drugs and alcohol can still have an incredibly powerful hold over people’s lives. Patients need to undergo individual counseling sessions where they can explore the underlying reasons behind their addiction.

If you want to find the best addiction psychiatrists in South Florida, look no further. Archstone Behavioral Health has a psychotherapy program that can provide you with coping skills to manage your addiction. Our clinical psychologists can diagnose, assess and provide adequate treatment for patients. Treatment programs are conducted under a model of integrated treatment through individual and small-group counseling.

What many people fail to realize is that addiction is frequently accompanied by other, co-occurring mental disorders. Individuals with mental health issues commonly struggle with feelings of inadequacy and an inability to cope with stress. These factors can lead them towards drugs or alcohol. On the other hand, individuals struggling with addiction usually experience anxiety and depression. These co-occurring disorders must be monitored and evaluated by professional addiction psychiatrists.

One out of five Americans has some sort of mental health problem. Sadly, for most people, those problems will linger unaddressed. However, that does not have to be the case, and you don’t have to struggle with chronic issues. During your recovery at Archstone, you can undergo our mental health treatment program. These programs will allow you to resolve past trauma which can be compounding your substance use disorder. By working on your emotional development and learning healthy coping mechanisms you will establish the foundations for maintaining long-term sobriety.

The Importance of Treating the Mind and Body

When individuals are suffering from substance use disorder and a co-occurring mental disorder we suggest they undergo dual diagnosis treatment. Disregarding your mental health issues will only increase your risk of relapse. Therefore, you must find the best addiction psychiatrists in South Florida who can treat your mind and body.

Some treatment centers that only focus on the physical aspects of addiction have poor success rates with patients. Things may seem alright while patients are still under supervision in the rehab facility, but without proper skills training, it can be challenging to cope in real-life situations. After leaving rehab, individuals will face many stressors and addiction triggers. These triggers can cause extreme cravings to kick in, and some individuals can even experience withdrawal symptoms.

It’s often recommended to avoid stressful situations where you will be exposed to your addiction triggers. Unfortunately, that is much easier said than done. For example, it will be difficult for recovering alcoholics to avoid all social gatherings where there will be drinks. Our team of psychiatrists can train you to deal with these situations in alcohol withdrawal syndrome treatments. Instead of giving in to your cravings, you can learn healthy coping mechanisms that will help you navigate these situations.

If you want to kick your addiction for good and learn how to lead a sober and productive lifestyle it would be best to undergo a holistic program that cares for the mind and body. The psychiatrists at Archstone specialize in behavioral therapy and other evidence-based methods. The combination of behavioral therapy, and group and individual sessions with a therapist are proven to give promising results.

Addiction Psychiatrist
Psychotherapy can help you with co-occurring mental issues.

Find the Best Addiction Psychiatrists in South Florida

Recently, we have seen many new-age treatment centers pop up all over the place. Unfortunately, a large majority aren’t licensed and don’t offer any certified treatment. If you are unsure about their treatment practices you should inquire about their methodology and which addiction programs they use. Additionally, it would be best if you asked if they have on-staff psychiatrists with experience in treating addiction.

Regardless if you need treatment for yourself or a loved one, you’ll undoubtedly want the highest level of care. If you want to find the best addiction psychiatrists in South Florida you mustn’t be afraid to ask difficult questions. Archstone Behavioral Health has been helping patients overcome their struggles for the past twenty years. We would be thrilled to be a part of your recovery. Feel free to contact our admissions staff, and we can answer all of your questions. We’ll explain the details of our approach to treatment and help you determine the best options for your recovery.

South Florida addiction psychiatrist making treatment plan.
We can come up with a personalized treatment plan.

Which Types of Addiction Can Psychiatry Treat?

We’ve tried to cover the main benefits of psychotherapy for addiction and explain why you need to find the best addiction psychiatrists in South Florida to aid your recovery. However, our patients frequently inquire about the types of addiction psychotherapy can help them with. While there are many similarities across individuals suffering from substance use disorder, we believe each patient deserves personalized treatment. When you contact our admission staff, we will help you determine the best type of treatment suited to your needs.

Regardless of your type of addiction, our psychiatrists will help you work through your trauma and develop healthy coping skills. We have previously used psychotherapy to successfully treat patients addicted to the following substances:

  1. Cocaine Addiction

Cocaine is an extremely addictive stimulant and its use poses a significant risk to your health. Harmful side effects can occur even after a single use. The combination of cocaine’s potency and its short-lasting high often causes users to overdose, which can be fatal. If you are struggling with addiction, we strongly advise you immediately contact us for cocaine withdrawal treatment. When left untreated cocaine addiction can cause permanent damage to your central nervous system and lead to multiple organ failure. Even after a successful detox, the risk of relapse for recovering cocaine addicts is high. Fortunately, our psychiatrists can equip you with productive coping mechanisms to resist the urge to use.

Woman overdosed on opioids.
Opioid addiction is often accompanied by depression and anxiety.
  1. Opioid Addiction

Before developing an addiction, many people first develop a dependence on opioids and prescription medication. Opioid use can initially begin rather innocently, by following the instructions given to you by your physician. Unfortunately, most people who use opioids to deal with a chronic illness or chronic pain end up developing an addiction. In these situations, it would be best if you visit an opioid detox center Florida to receive treatment. At Archstone, we will treat your addiction and also educate you on the proper use and dangers of prescription opioids.

Some people turn to opioids as a way to deal with stress or due to underlying mental health problems. We’ll help you find the best addiction psychiatrists in South Florida to treat your stress, trauma, and mental health issues. Opioid addiction can sometimes start as a physical or psychological dependence. Understanding the causes of your addiction can help you prevent future opioid dependence.

  1. Meth Addiction

Methamphetamine addiction is much more prevalent than people believe. Meth addiction typically starts as recreational drug use, and crystal meth is the most widespread variant of the drug. The intense feelings of euphoria caused by meth cause users to quickly become addicted. However, besides being highly addictive, meth is also extremely dangerous. If users want to prevent severe health complications, they must undergo methadone detox Florida.

Meth use can cause many short and long-term harmful effects on the body and mind. Therefore, it’s necessary to undergo both medical detox and psychiatric addiction treatment. By using EDMR and other behavioral treatment methods, psychiatrists can help patients stabilize their emotions and deal with memory issues. Recovering meth addicts also sometimes experience paranoia or hallucinations, and psychiatrists can work with patients to resolve the accompanying trauma. Trauma-informed care teaches patients to control their emotions and to improve their problem-solving skills.

Three men in group therapy session.
Group sessions can help individuals open up about their struggles.
  1. Heroin Addiction

Although drug addiction doesn’t occur overnight, even a single use of heroin can have disastrous effects on a person’s well-being. Heroin is, rightfully, considered to be a hard drug, and most people addicted to heroin probably started with other drugs. However, when individuals use heroin, there is an instantaneous reaction in brain chemistry. Those changes to the brain make heroin more habit-forming than other drugs. Moreover, the withdrawal symptoms can be brutal, even after just a few hours without use. The most common symptoms of heroin withdrawal include nausea, vomiting, severe pain, fever, diarrhea, and in extreme cases – even death.

The only chance individuals have of overcoming their heroin addiction is to attend heroin detox Florida. Treatment in the Archstone Recovery Center is overseen by licensed clinicians who can help you get through withdrawal. The best addiction psychiatrists in South Florida will teach you to manage your cravings and successfully prevent relapse.

  1. Marijuana Addiction

Due to the widespread legalization of marijuana across the United States, we have also seen an increase in marijuana addiction. There are many misconceptions accompanying marijuana, one of the most popular being that it’s impossible to develop an addiction. Unknowingly, many people will overuse marijuana because they believe it’s completely safe. However, when consumed for a long time or in large quantities it can cause various harmful effects. Marijuana addicts will have self-confidence or self-esteem issues and many struggle with depression and anxiety. If you attend Archstone’s marijuana detox Florida, our psychiatrists can work with you to overcome these issues. Attending psychotherapy during your rehab will boost your confidence and help you get through your stress and trauma.

Conclusions on How to Find the Best Addiction Psychiatrists in South Florida

Now that we’ve discussed the benefits of using psychotherapy in rehab, look for a treatment center that has addiction psychiatrists. A trained team of psychiatrists specializing in addiction can help you productively work through your trauma. You’ll learn healthy coping skills that will be useful in real-life situations. Psychotherapy in rehab can also boost your confidence and self-esteem improving your overall well-being. Regardless of the type of addiction you are suffering from, psychotherapy can help you regain control of your life.

We’ve also given you some guidelines on how to find the best addiction psychiatrists in South Florida. When talking to the admissions team of a rehab facility you can ask them about their approach and methodology. If you want to learn more about the treatment programs we use at Archstone Behavioral Health, Florida, you can check out our online resources. We’ve proudly been serving Florida’s community for 20 years and would gladly help you lead a sober and fulfilling lifestyle. All you need to do is contact us and ask for our aid.