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Archstone will help heal your mind, body & spirit. You may go in as a broken person, but you will come out with hope and suggestions to help you on the road to recovery. The counseling staff is extremely knowledgeable and will help you get to the roots of your addiction. The medical staff is great too. Very beautiful place with mini apartments for the patients that are very comfortable. All in one location and also a nice outdoor pool . One of the best decisions you will make is to check in and get the help you need.

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The first The last and only First time in the treatment and it was Archstone. I was blessed to find this place I’m sober for nine months since January 2021. As now it is my last treatment. Last thing I’m going to do is to come to Archstone as a clients. Only as a visitor to come and say thank you for all the great job they did The only place I recommend to get help is Archstone. Great treatment great education and great knowledge people. Special thanks to everyone out there

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Archstone has played a fundamental part in my recovery process. In my experience as a client/patient while there, I had the opportunity to rediscover life. My gratitude goes out to the therapists and techs who put hope back on my side. On a special note, the aftercare as an alumni has been an amazing experience. Kudos to my good friend Tyler, who is so instrumental in my recovery today, by organizing field trips for us, running Zoom Meetings for the alumni and most of all, for continuing to give his best back to the ones who started a new life at Archstone. Thank you so much!!

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Archstone literally saved my life. I walked into Archstone wanting to die, and left feeling like a million bucks. From my intake, to my discharge everybody was friendly and professional answering all of my questions and putting my mind at ease. Archstone has a heart to it, that cannot be rivaled. From the nursing staff, to the techs, the doctors, and the therapists everybody is friendly and caring. And it doesn't end when you walk out. Their alumni program is second to none. Imagine going to a meeting with 40 alumni, 8 of which you were at Archstone with. The fellowship of Archstone is amazing. And if you are unable to make the meetings, you can participate threw Zoom. I would recommend Archstone to anyone who is battling addiction. You will get the best care, and the best follow up, that is humanly possible. Thank you Archstone for saving my life!!

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LOL, why does every place say "it's a scam and a cashgrab" well, the one person I trust with rehab stuff recommended here, hope I find a way to get in. There are some people who want to get better, shame on anyone who is lying for other centers. If I didn't believe my friend Abby, I wouldn't bother....that's how messed up it is to discourage people for trying to get matter where they go....because after my research, I'm noticing a pattern in reviews about "scam, cash grab." I'm taking my girls advice over people who don't want to get better. And Archstone saved her life, so that alone is worth 5 stars

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Our son ended an addiction to heroine with the love and support of the people at Archstone. I would highly recommend Archstone to anyone serious about recovery. He spent 45 days there and it changed his life. He is now 6years beyond his time at Archstone and has a very successful career in FL, He chose not to come home to NJ after the program but to remain in FL where he has been able to grow in his job and improve his life. Thank you Archstone for saving our sons life.

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“I’m not lying when I said archestone changed and saved my life! The staff was always so amazing and caring! If you’re looking for a SAFE and LEGIT place in Florida to go to rehab then go here ! Also the area is beatiful!!”

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I came here for a 3 months detox and rehabilitation program for alcohol, and cannabis and had no preconceptions of what I might find and expect. Fortunatelly, found excellent individual and group therapy centred around sharing, and honesty.. I cannot recommend this Archstone enough. I've been sober since then and feel so grateful for my time here.

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